New drug delivery system in oncology and Parkinson

Series B | Nanomedicine | Switzerland | CHF 31.6m


InnoMedica, a Swiss nanomedicine company founded in 2000 and based in Bern, is developing a new nanocarrier platform to transport anti-cancer drugs directly to tumors – making the drugs more efficient and at the same time reducing their toxic effect on healthy tissues.


The aim is to change the way therapeutics are used in the treatment of patients by improving the distribution of the drug in the body (bio-distribution). InnoMedica is building a drug pipeline applying the patented drug delivery system not only in oncology, but also in other pharmaceutical areas e.g. neurodegenerative diseases, revealing the vast potential of this Swiss nanomedicine company.


The strategy of InnoMedica is to develop, produce and market Talidox, a novel cancer therapy which targets tumor cells directly, reduces side effects to a minimum and has broad therapeutic application possibilities at reasonable costs.

Advanced fresh-tissue microscopy scanners 

Series B | MedTech | Switzerland | CHF 6m


SamanTree Medical is a Swiss innovative medical device company providing a breakthrough imaging solution with the potential to improve patient care and cancer surgery outcome.


Based on confocal microscopy, SamanTree Medical’s solution brings accurate and full margin control by the surgeon, in the operating room.

SamanTree Medical has developed the Histolog Scanner for visualization of whole surface of a fresh resection. The solution provides surgeons with full margin control in minutes before incision closing, with histology-grade confidence. This approach carries large promises in breast conserving surgery, to preserve healthy tissue while ensuring complete tumor removal.

Wireless surgical tool for precise tumor localization in cancer diagnostic and surgery (spinoff of CERN)

Series B | Medtech | Switzerland | CHF 10m


Forimtech S.A. was founded in 2004 in Geneva (Switzerland). With more than 30 years of research experience in the field of particle detectors at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), the founders decided to apply their know-how to the market of medical devices.

The company has devoted the first years on research and development with the principal goal to implement most recent developments in the field of particle physics into molecular imaging in medical applications. The technical and commercial advantages of novel technologies have been clearly proven in a number of national and international projects, and several patent applications were deposited by Forimtech.

In 2009  Forimtech entered a new phase – bringing its products to the market. Currently, the company is concentrated on the so-called "intra-operative probes", which help oncologists and surgeons to localize precisely "on spot" malignances labelled with radioactive markers. These compact hand-held devices were developed in a joint project with CHUV and EPFL, which was selected by Swiss Medtech as one of the 3 best projects in 2016.

In 2014 Forimtech started clinical trials in partnership with CHUV.

In 2015 the company successfully obtained CE mark for two products.


Products aimed at revolutionizing gastrointestinal surgeries

Series B | Medtech | UK | USD 20m


Lumendi is dedicated to improving healthcare through the development and application of medical technology that reduces the level of patient intervention and procedure time, positively impacts recovery rates and outcomes, and decreases costs to the healthcare system. Their approach will enable clinicians to perform existing procedures more efficiently and usher in a new era of incisionless therapies to treat conditions that previously required abdominal surgery.

Founded in December 2014, Lumendi holds a worldwide exclusive license to certain intellectual property developed by Minimally Invasive New Technologies (MINT), a joint program of Weill Cornell Medical College and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. In collaboration with MINT and other partners, Lumendi is developing devices to enable less invasive endolumenal procedures in the GI tract, primarily in the colon. These devices have the potential to replace many invasive laparoscopic and open surgical procedures currently performed in the hospital setting, and may also facilitate performance of these procedures in the outpatient setting. We’re also working on additional less invasive techniques that can lead to better patient outcomes and make procedures easier and more comfortable for clinicians.


Dr. Robert Bider (former CEO of Hirslanden Group during 17 years) and Dr. Peter Johann (Managing General Partner of NGN Capital since 2004) are on the company board.

 BlueOcean Ventures II Private Fund  

Early Stage Medtech and Life Science Investments in Switzerland/EU  


BlueOcean Ventures invests in early stage medical device and life science companies. Unlike other funds the four General Partners of BlueOcean Ventures, Faris Sabeti, Emmanuel de Watteville, Sacha Haymoz and Thomas Zehnder, have a long-standing track record in building, managing and coaching start-up companies. BlueOcean Ventures supports their portfolio companies with a large network of experts and industry contacts.

New class of smart city monitoring platform 

Seed B | Internet of Things (IoT) | Israel | USD 10m


UrbanScan's mission is to develop and commercialize its revolutionary platform for generating real-time information about the location of people and vehicles throughout the world, focusing on urban centers. 

 Smart city applications require a holistic up-to-date representation of activity within their premises. UrbanScan's platform provides comprehensive real-time information on the location of pedestrians and vehicles in an urban setting, without compromising on privacy. Continuous tracking of all outdoor entities over large areas allows efficient extraction of rich actionable information from the mass of data gathered. Actionable information includes early indication and characterization of events, such as a robbery, a man-made disaster, or a traffic accident. Applications of this data include: 

- Security Services and Public Safety : video surveillance, law enforcement and rescue

- Smart Parking

UrbanScan can achieve these results more cost effectively than competing technologies,

which makes full coverage of wide outdoor areas feasible for the first time. 

Marketplace and automated valuation tool for non-bankable assets 

Seed B | FinTech & Blockchain | Switzerland | CHF 5m


Non-bankable assets are often left out of the wealth strategy of asset owners. Their value is not immediately accessible and the history and documentation related to the assets in scarce, are in various places and formats. Moreover, the lack of liquidity greatly impacts transaction costs.

Wealthinitiative digitizes non-bankable asset to store them on the blockchain using the Ethereum technology. We have been working on the most reliable oracle available (link between the blockchain and physical assets). We then securitize the assets on 
the platform to allow asset owners to unlock the value of their assets while allowing investors to invest in a fractional ownership.

The blockchain is the first decentralized trustable database, which can track the ownership of properties in a reliable way and enable securitization of these same assets.

Wealthinitiative has won the Wealthbriefing Swiss Award 2018 for the best innovative fintech solution. It made it to the European finals of the UBS finance challenge 2017 and won the Geneva Convention Award 2017. The company was also selected for the

F10, a Zurich based FinTech Incubator and Accelerator and for the current Fintech Fusion Accelerator programme in Geneva.

Container technology and IoT sensors integrated into a logistics ecosystem. All on the blockchain

Series B | Logistics & Blockchain | Switzerland | CHF 36m


Smart Containers Group is a Swiss-based high-tech company that provides the safest temperature-controlled containers to transport sensitive pharma goods and food around the world. Our goal is to safely transport sensitive goods and ensure no-one ever receives a compromised product. The unique combination of cutting-edge hardware, highly efficient software and unique services has made Smart Containers Group to a rapidly growing service provider and highly attractive investment object.



Crypto Finance Conference 2018 Richard Ettl (CEO & Co-Founder) introducing Smart Containers